Gain Experience through an Apprenticeship

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Do you love to tinker around the home or work on a project in your garage? Do you like to build things? Are you talented when it comes to working with your hands? If so, a construction apprenticeship could give you the much-needed experience to land you in a career you love!

The Perks of an Apprenticeship

An apprentice is a worker who learns the trade of a craft skill through supervised work on the job as well as receives additional education. Your apprentice-training period will typically last anywhere between 3-5 years. As an apprentice, you’ll not only be paid for the work you do, but you will receive valuable experience that will greatly further your career in the construction business. An apprenticeship will give you valuable on-the-job experience and will help you to become a respected member of the construction team, as well as a qualified union Laborer.

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